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Macomb County GSRP Remote Learning Plan Updated May 4, 2020

Below is guidance that will be followed by all GSRP programs. Our priority is keeping children emotionally, socially, and physically safe during this unprecedented time.

Simple is best! Young children need two main things to thrive in uncertain times: a regular schedule and a caring adult. It is important that GSRP teaching teams are working with each family to create a consistent daily routine for the child to engage in play and learning.

Talk - Children need to interact and hear the words and sounds of language from people they love.

Read - Children need to hear book language - build reading aloud to children in their daily routine.

Play - Children need to explore, investigate, create, and innovate!

  GSRP Teaching Team Requirements 

Share the remote learning/lesson plan and daily activities with families using a variety of methods. Examples may include sending home learning packets though the mail, porch deliveries to the homes of families, distributing lesson and activities during breakfast and lunch distribution, or communicating the lessons electronically.

Connect with each of the students in your class twice a week to promote the social and emotional well-being of the children. This may be done through Zoom, Seesaw, Class Dojo, phone calls, Google Classroom, etc.

Send out a weekly video of you or your associate teacher doing a read aloud.

Provide strategies for families to use during play and reading that encourage critical thinking. These may include open ended questions or prompts to encourage families to talk with children about their interests, plans, and experiences.

Establish a consistent weekly “Check In” time for communication with each of the families. During this time staff are available to answer questions and provide support, guidance, and resources.

Share what you do in the classroom that families can do at home (for example, children can serve themselves during meal times or have simple jobs at home).

Encourage families to take pictures of what the children are doing and send to you to showcase learning.

Encourage families to read daily with their children.

Provide simple activities (for example, the educational activities sent through CRN list serve) that families can do with their child each week. Simple is best!

Provide meaningful alternatives to screen time: children between the ages of 2-7 are still in the preoperational stage, and it is developmentally inappropriate to expect their learning to be entirely screen-based.

The minimum amount of time for engagement in remote learning and activities is 30 minutes/day with a maximum of 60 minutes/day.

Families are your partners and are instrumental to supporting children’s learning at home. If a family has not responded to your remote learning efforts follow-up with an email or phone call to check-in. If the family should turn down the option to participate in the plan, the date of the parent opt out should be documented and the information shared with your Early Childhood Specialist.

Document observations during live contacts (virtual/phone) or from anecdotes, pictures, or work samples shared by families.

Teaching teams will do a virtual conference. The conference will take the place of the face-to-face end of the year conference/home visit. Teaching teams will review previous assessment data and provide individual learning suggestions to families. Teaching teams will share kindergarten enrollment information, resources, and activities to support the transition into kindergarten.

  GSRP Required Remote Learning/Lesson Plan for Teaching Teams

 GSRP teaching teams will complete a weekly learning/lesson plan. The plan will be submitted to their Early Childhood Specialist for review and feedback every week. The Early Childhood Specialist will submit all lesson/learning plans to the Early Childhood Contact and GSRP Coordinator at the Macomb Intermediate School District.

For your convenience we have provided an example of a blank learning/lesson plan template for you to use. It is a word document and can be edited and emailed electronically to your Early Childhood Specialist. You can certainly use your own learning/lesson plan.

GSRP Required Documentation for Early Childhood Specialist

In place of classroom visits, the Early Childhood Specialist will provide virtual support at least every two weeks to support teaching teams. Virtual meetings will include opportunities for staff from multiple classrooms and/or programs to work together.

The Early Childhood Specialist is responsible for collecting and reviewing their teaching teams lesson/learning plan. Responsibilities include completing a weekly summary for each team, documenting how they are supporting and communicating with each of their teaching teams, and indicating how transition to kindergarten plans are being shared with families. The Early Childhood Contact and GSRP Coordinator at the Macomb Intermediate School District is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the information.

GSRP Fiscal Guidance

The expectation is for GSRP funding to continue to pay for expenditures through the end of the 2019-2020 school year such as staff, utilities, leases, and rent space that was used for GSRP programs prior to COVID-19. Use of GSRP funds to purchase materials, supplies, and technology to carry out the Macomb County Remote Learning Plan is allowable and the Macomb Intermediate School District will be allowing subrecipients to amend their 2019-2020 GSRP budgets. In addition, the final expenditure will still need to be completed in the fall.

For those programs that utilize transportation dollars GSRP transportation funds can be used to pay a proportionate share of transportation costs for materials delivered to GSRP children. Lease payments for GSRP should continue in the same manner as before COVID-19. It is advised that the transportation funds are fully expended and subrecipients keep in mind the following:

Ongoing costs (e.g., lease payments for busses, staff costs);
Upcoming proportionate share costs for delivering materials;
Recoding transportation expenditures for the regular “slot” budget to the transportation budget

After these points are considered, if funds remain, they may be carried over for 2019-2020 grant year ONLY.

 Macomb Intermediate School District Book Distribution

Reading to young children provides a great opportunity to set up a daily shared event for children and fosters a lifelong love of books. Reading aloud for children at least 15 minutes per day is one of the best ways to provide learning tools for life. The Macomb Intermediate School District in partnership with its 21 local school districts, public school academies and community based partners are reaching out to children in GSRP by providing free books to families. Teaching teams will deliver books by mailings, porch deliveries, and distribution at meal pick-ups.